Yongho Reviews

Five stars without hesitation! Diane and her fellow instructors goes above and beyond when it comes to teaching their students. I signed up my daughter for bi-weekly classes about a year ago, and it has been nothing but a positive experience. Both for my daughter and as a parent, seeing the rapid progress. What I really love about Diane's classes is that she, and her instructors, not only teach the students about self defence skills, but also about responsibility, respect, leadership and mindfulness. Skills and attributes that I have no doubt will help shape and benefit the young students in a very positive way for the road ahead. - P. Holst

My son had been with Yongho for over a year. Hapkido helps him build his confidence level. Diane and all the instructors are caring and amazing with the kids! They have a great sense of humour to make the hapkido more fun. I would highly recommend to all !! - R. Tsao

Yongho is fun,safe, challenging and supporting place! Manager and trainers are great. The place is very clean with good ventilation. My daughter have been there over 2 years. - M. Zarini

My 3 boys have been with YongHo Martial Arts for few years now. The coaches are very professional and caring. Diane is amazing person, she helps our boys to develop martial art skills and encourage personal growth. The program is build in a such way that it can accommodate different ages. After-school program is very convenient works well with our working schedule. Overall kids enjoy going to YongHo and practice hapkido. Thank you so much!!!! - E. Leibman

Diane and her staff are simply incredible!! My son has been going there for more than 5 years.It is hard to find a healthy way for growing boys to learn discipline, strength of both body and mind, and encourage personal growth...Our son has learned all these things at Yongho! I can not say enough for her studio, except a big thank you !!!! - J. Terry