Yongho  Instructors


Diane Lee


Diane was always a thoughtful person who cared about her wellbeing. She was involved in martial arts training since she was very young. She is trained in Taekwondo and Karate and later on she trained Hapkido earning her 4th Dan Black Belt. She had the opportunity to volunteered to manage the academy in Coquitlam, not knowing that teaching martial arts would become her next passion. She dedicates her days to empower her students by guiding them to grow their physical power as well as their inner power.

Diane’s hobby is music, she plays piano, guitar and loves to sing. She studies philosophers that help her with her personal development. One of her favourite quotes is “That which does not kill us makes us stronger"      - Friedrich Nietzsche.

Tony Shen


When Tony was a young boy, he was not particularly drawn to team oriented sports, but he grew an interest in many old school martial art films. Inspired by those films, at the age of 10, he began enrolling in martial art classes as an alternative from team sports. Coming from a background of Wushu (Kungfu), he later branched out to Korean Hapkido, learning from multiple instructors and masters. With currently 13 years of martial arts experience, earning a 4th Dan Black belt, with additional training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Judo, he has been an Instructor at Yongho Martial arts Academy for 5 years.

Tony’s hobbies are drawing and break dancing!

Adam Altwasser 


Adam started his martial arts journey at age 5 with TaeKwonDo. He spent the next seven years practicing within the World TaeKwonDo Federation.  He was part of both the competition training and demonstration teams beginning at age 9.  When he turned 13 he discovered Hapkido and fell in love with the style that is more focused in form, precision, and technique. Adam is also trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo which have allowed him to acquire a broad understanding of body mechanics, form and their applications. Adam has earned a 4th Dan Black belt and has been an instructor at Yongho Martial Arts Academy for 7 years.

Adam's hobby is rock climbing.

Clinton Lee

Assistant Instructor

Clinton started to train Hapkido at the age of 6. Since he was 8 years old he has invested at least 2 hours a day from Monday to Saturday to improve his skills. He is now a 3rd degree Black Belt. Clinton won Four times the Can-Am Grand Championship trophy and once the Lower Mainland Hapkido tournament Grand Championship trophy. He also won a gold medal at 2019 Stevenson Judo Tournament.  He thinks that Hapkido is the best thing that has happened to him. He feels he has learnt not only about martial arts skills but also about self-esteem, self-control, confidence, respect for himself and others, focus and team work. He trained Archery, Fencing, and Kungfu and currently trains Hapkido, Capoeira, BJJ, Kickboxing, and Judo.

Clinton's hobbies are playing drums, watching movies, skiing and snowboarding.

Go Takai

Junior Assistant Instructor

Go started training Hapkido at the age of 6. He was inspired by his older brother who started training before him. It has been 10 years since his first class, he is now a 2nd degree Black Belt student and he looks forward to learning more and improve his skills. Go won the Can-Am Grand Championship trophy in 2016. He believes that his positive attitude, fun demeanor and commitment to be the best can be a good influence to other in the dojang.

Go's hobbies are skiing and listening to music.